Maschio Memorial Foundation

The Fr. Maschio Memorial Foundation was established on 9th September, 1997 on the occasion of the first death anniversary of late Rev. Fr. Aurelius Maschio, having a Mission statement as under:

Fr. Maschio Memorial Foundation is named after late Rev. Fr. Aurelis Maschio, who in imitation OF Don Bosco worked tirelessly for the welfare of the poor and the young. Fr. Maschio Memorial Foundation strives to strengthen the participation of the young and the poor, with preference for the marginalized, in developing processes that affect their well-being. The new forms of urban and rural poverty today call for more innovative interventions from the Salesians. It is an extension of the Salesian charism in the areas of activities that the Salesians have not been able to reach.

The Foundation is committed to facilitate projects that have been systematically evaluated to provide care, training and other support systems, to reach out for the welfare of the poor and the young. The Foundation extends support to all NGOs who satisfy its mission criteria.

The Foundation is managed by an Apex Body. The Apex Body meets once a quarter in the Council Hall, Provincial House, Matunga, Mumbai, to discuss the state of the projects it funds, the state of its budget allocation, other matters arising out of the Minutes and the review of the projects that the Foundation has opted to be on its list of funded projects.  

For more details please contact :

Fr. Edwin D'Souza SDBShrine of Don Bosco's MadonnaDon Bosco, Matunga,Mumbai 400 019 - INDIAE-mail : dbmshrine@gmail.comTel : (91-22) 2 4146320