Fr. Edwin D'Souza SDB


Shrine of Don Bosco's MadonnaDon Bosco, Matunga,Mumbai 400 019 - INDIAE-mail : dbmshrine@gmail.comTel : (91-22) 2 4146320

Dear Friends and Benefactors of Don Bosco’s Mission,

It is with immense gratitude that I gratefully acknowledge your support towards our mission work. It helps us continue our mission work during these difficult times. It is our prayer that the good Lord and his Blessed Mother generously reward you for all the sacrifices that you make to support us in our mission work.

It is the personal sacrifices that you make and which you send to us, that help us to continue our crusade to assist the semi-orphans, the marginalized and the children in our care. Your thoughtfulness helps us to meet the needs of the unemployed, the sick and the destitute who come regularly knocking at our doors. We are certain that the good Lord will bless you abundantly for all that you do for the less fortunate. Your consolation is that what you do for them, you do for HIM!

Here at this Marian Shrine, we remember you and your family in a special way during our daily Holy Masses celebrated privately by our priests and during our evening prayers and adoration services before the Blessed Sacrament. You and your family intentions are lifted up in prayer. We constantly pray that you and your family will be kept safe during this pandemic.

As we assure you of our prayers, we implore God’s blessings on you and entrust you and your dear ones to the care and the protection of our blessed Mother the Help of Christians.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Fr. Edwin D'Souza SDB